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•   Mike Richards  3/11
•   Robert Cole  3/6
•   John Greisberger  2/15
•   Bill Arcarese  2/6
•   Paul Rayburn  12/17
•   Brian Scipioni  12/17
•   James Welch  10/25
•   Tom Kuter  10/25
•   Tim Beecher  10/24
•   Richard Keeley (Keeley)  10/11
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Dear Fellow McQ '68 Alumni,

I hope everyone had a very merry and family-filled Christmas.  

We had decided to keep the alumni website up and running on a paid basis until the end of this year and guage the level of interest in it and overall usage.  To date, there have only been 2-3 guys who have posted anything on the site.   As a result, we have stopped paying for the premium version of the website.

However....the site will stay up and be available to anyone interested in visiting it or posting new information.  While some of the administrative functions will be taken away, the only difference that you will experience is that there will be ads on the site now.   My understanding is that, as long as we're willing to put up with advertisers pelting us with  a barrage of marketing messages, the site will be available to us indefinitely.   A reasonable trade-off!

Thanks for all of your support and attendance at the reunion events in September.   I think most of your would agree that it was truly a special week-end.  We all had a chance to re-connect with fellow classmates who we hadn't been in touch with since graduation, as well as catch up with others whom we've seen since then. 

Wishing all of you a very happy, healthy and joyous new year....

Steve Hurley


I hope you enjoyed the Friday and Saturday alumni events as much as I did.  it was great to reconnect with names and faces from our years at McQuaid in the '60's, relive past memories, and spark friendships that we'll carry forward into the future.  I only regret that I didn't have an opportunity to catch up with everyone who went to Bill's party and/or the dinner.

I was frankly surprised by the number of classmates who came up to me at the end of the evening and asked that we keep the website up.  Many of you have really found it be a great way to engage with your friends/classmates and share pieces of your life with them in return.    After speaking with a couple of the event organizers, we've decided to keep it alive for the next 6 months. order to maximize the benefits of having it up, I recommend to all alumni that you:

  • Fill out your profile as completely as possible
  • Post any photos or other interesting scanned documents that you'd like to share
  • Post your email address.  While I can't absolutely guarantee the website is 100% secure, it does take a password to enter the site and the web hosting company has assured me that its security protocols are very strong.


Steve Hurley




This event was certainly a highlight of the year! So great to touch base with friends from 50 years ago - I guess once a "Knight" always a Knight!

The events were fantastic and allowed everyone the opportunity to reconnect and in some cases to connect with people who we weren't close to in the day - time well spent.

Steve, Sandy, Bill - kudos for being wonderful hosts!

It's been 50 years since we all were together in Rochester, graduating from the best high school in the area.   A lot has happened since then -- a combination of the good, bad and the ugly!

We hope you can make the reunion.   It's a time to see your former classmates and rekindle old freindships.   This is an opporutnity to recapture an important time in all of our lives and -- more importantly -- learn about what has happened to all of us since then.   So come and join us for a very memorable week-end in September.  Share your life stories with everyone -- just make sure that at least some of them are factual!

Here is some important information that you need to know:

Date of the Reunion : September 21-23

Invitees: all alumni and spouses/significant others are warmly welcome.

Actions required: there are several actions that you need to take once you decide to attend the reunion week-end:

  • Register for the reunion -- we've listed and described all of the events that have either already been planned or could be planned based upon interest.  The events are described on the "McQuaid Reunion Events" webpage.
  • Determine how you will pay for the events -- we've set up an easy way for you to pay for the events that you'll be participating in.   You can pay right on the "McQuaid Reunion Events" webpage by credit card.  Please pay at the time that you register.  Since the reunion planning committee has to pay for many of the events well in advance of the reunion week-end, your cooperation in paying in advance is very important and much appreciated.   Please let us know which events you'd like to attend, and make the appropriate payments on the event webpage, no later than September 14th.
  • Complete your personal profile -- go to the "Edit Profile" webpage and provide some basic information about yourself. This will give your former classmates a sense of what you've been doing over the past 5 decades.

Website Security: Please note that not all of the web pages on this site are considered secure.  The secure pages are those that deal with payment, ask for log-in credentials,  and invite you to join certain activities.   While the probability is remote, any information that you provide on other web pages may be compromised.  

Response To Date :  We've had a great response so far.  Over 60 of our classmates have confirmed that they'll be coming.  We expect to see many more of our classmates sign up between now and September.   

A Class Video, Compliments of Sandy Swank -- Sandy sent along this video that was taken "back in the day"...check it out -- who knows, you might be in it! Here's the link: